Ludowa 6 Building:

Akademia Fenix is located at Ludowa 6 Street, right next to Wielicka Street. The Academy is situated just opposite the “Cmentarz Podgórski” tramstop.

We share the entrance and reception desk with the climbing area Centrum Wspinaczkowe Forteca (the second entrance on the side of the building).

Behind the first entrance you may find CF Kraków – a professional Crossfit, mobility and kettlebells gym, and Krakowska Fabryka Zdrowia, which focuses on physiotherapy for athletes.



Trams: 3, 6, 11, 24, 73  -> “Cmentarz Podgórski” just opposite the academy.

Busses:  107, 127, 143, 158, 174, 178, 243, 274, 301, 478  -> a 5 minute march from the “Podgórze SKA” bus stop.