Krzysztof Flak
Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt.

You have been training BJJ since …

– January 2006.

Why did you start learning brazilian jiu-jitsu?

– I saw BJJ for the first time in 2005, at a Pride MMA event, where Paweł Nastula fought. As I was used to boxing events, this one was something completely new and I was shocked that you can win a fight by applying a stranglehold or an armbar. I’ve become interested in BJJ, I started to read about it and watch the classics like Gracie Basics with Rorion Gracie (the one with the mustache ;)). In January 2006 I’ve decided to go to my first training. My „New Year’s Resolution” lasts until this day. I simply wanted to feel on my own skin what is Jiu-Jitsu and what to the trainings look like. I loved it from the very beginning and I decided to stay.

What do you pay special attention to as a coach?

I try to keep my trainings varied. We often discuss different situations that can occur during a fight. I also try to teach the whole positions, and not just the specific techniques – some concepts are universal and apply in many situations.

What gives you the most satisfaction as an instructor?

– When I see a person successfully performing the moves that I have shown.

If you could mention 3 people that influenced you way of fighting the most, who would it be?

– Maciej Szczudrawa, Maciej Kozak, Dominik Olszewski. I watch international stars, and try to learn a thing or two, but I believe that the people in my own academy have the biggest impact on my Jiu-Jitsu. We help each other and learn, exchange as much knowledge as possible, as well as trying to figure out possible mistakes. Sparring together also helps and influences the way I move.

What’s your approach to fighting in BJJ?

– During trainings I simply try to be happy and try out new things. I don’t close myself to new techniques, and stick to only those that I do well. This of course ends badly sometimes ;). I also always roll with people, tapout if necessary and go again. I believe that this helps to feel progress (understanding the mistakes).

What do you think about competing in BJJ?

– Competition always helps you push forward with your Jiu-Jitsu. Sparring and fighting in a competition are two completely different animals. I believe that everyone should try competing if they are healthy and don’t have other responsibilities that they cannot neglect. For me, the competition scene helps me to set new goals.


Krzysztof Flak Akademia Fenix

If you could give one tip to a beginner, it would be…

– I would tell him/her to be patient, dutiful, kind and to trust the instructors. Everything will come in time, you just have to keep training. There is no shortcut in BJJ, you have to put in the time to learn.

Favourite position: De la riva guard.

Favourite choke: Loop choke.

Favourite submission: Straight armlock.

Favourite quote: „Winners never quit, quitters never win”

Favourite movie: Oh there’s a lot. Most recently „Whiplash”.

Favourite book: „Undisputed Truth”  by Mike Tyson.

Favourite game: I only play BJJ, live BJJ 😉

Favourite food: Thai chicken with cashew nuts. And Acai of course.

Favourite drink: Mineral water, guarana.

Hobby (besides bjj):

Eating and sleeping 😉
I also like to watch a good movie.