Basic information before your first training at our Academy:

Do I have to sign up for the trainings?

– It is not necessary. Just come and join our classes.

What sports clothes should I take for my first training?

– Tight T-shirt or rashguard,

– Shorts and/or Leggins,

– Flip-flops to walk between the mat and the changing room (we train barefoot).

You clothes should not have any forms of metal or plastic zippers not to injure or cut your training partner. If you have long hair please remember not to use metal pins to hold them and just use a band.

Any forms of valuables or jewellery should be left in the changing room (key lockers).

What else should I bring to the training?

– Water (0,7-1,5l should be enough),

Towel, shower gel (our changing rooms are equipped with showers).

Do you accept the Multisport Card and OK system?

– Yes we do. Both should be used at the reception desk in order to enter the training area.

Is the first training for free?

– Yes it is, so don’t be afraid to come and try out any beginner group.

Do I need a gi (kimono) for my first training?

– It is not necessary at first. We have gi tops that you can borrow at the academy (just remember to wash them afterword and return to the academy). Our coaches can help you out with buying a new gi or rashguard.

If you have more questions, check our FAQ