Do I have to sign up for the trainings?

– It is not necessary. Just come and join our classes.

What sports clothes should I take for my first training?

– Tight T-shirt or rashguard,

– Shorts and/or Leggins,

– Flip-flops to walk between the mat and the changing room (we train barefoot).

You clothes should not have any forms of metal or plastic zippers not to injure or cut your training partner. If you have long hair please remember not to use metal pins to hold them and just use a band.

Any forms of valuables or jewellery should be left in the changing room (key lockers).

What else should I bring to the training?

– Water (0,7-1,5l should be enough),

– Towel, shower gel (our changing rooms are equipped with 2 shower cubicles).

Do I need any form of protection?

– No, however some athletes like to use mouth guards or a groin guard. There are no strikes in BJJ (it is a grappling sport) but these can help against the accidental punch.

Do you accept the Multisport Card and OK system?

– Yes we do. Both should be used at the reception desk in order to enter the training area.

Is the first training for free?

– Yes it is, so don’t be afraid to come and try out any beginner group.

How can I pay for the training?

– We accept cash only. (Pricing)

Are there any forms of discounts?

– As noted in our Prices tab, we have discounts for children, women and students.

 Is there an option for private classes with one of the instructors?

– Yes, just ask one of the instructors and you can figure out a schedule.

How long are the trainings?

– It varies from group to group, but the standard is that beginner classes (up to 1 year) are 60 minutes, while the advanced groups train for 90 minutes.

What does the average training look like?

– The typical training consists of a proper warm-up, including coordination exercises, drilling and learning techniques and various forms of sparring or task training.

How often should I train?

– This is a tricky question as it depends on the individual. If you do it just for recreation and fun we recommend 2-3 trainings to feel the progress. For instance 1 group (2 trainings) + a single training on Friday/Saturday/Sunday in a week. A lot of our students train 4-5 times a week, including competitors.

Do I need a gi (kimono) for my first training?

– It is not necessary at first. We have gi tops that you can borrow at the academy (just remember to wash them afterword and return to the academy). Our coaches can help you out with buying a new gi or rashguard.

Are different beginner classes separate groups or can you combine them?

– Any beginner classes can be combined, however we recommend doing 2 trainings with the same coach before adding more classes if it is a possibility.

Should I train Gi or No-Gi?

We recommend trying out both types of jiu-jitsu. Both can help each other tremendously and a lot of the best athletes in the world train both.

How do Fenix membership cards work?

– There are two types of membership cards, both are valid for 1 month (for example 03.05 – 03.06.). The first type is for a number of trainings to be used in a given month. The second type is called an OPEN card and it allows you to train as much as you want.

Is there an option of suspending the membership card?

– Only in the case of an injury or my notifying the coach beforehand.

Can I stay for more than one training during the same day?

– Of course, especially for OPEN card users. Other users must remember that the cards are for a set amount of trainings. If you are using a Multisport Card or OK system, remember to visit the reception desk with your ID and card / text message before each training.

How long does it take to progress to the advanced class?

– Usually a year of mat time is enough. Don’t be afraid to ask your coach.

What is the belt system in BJJ?

– We have 5 belts: starting from white, blue, purple, brown, black. In addition each belt can have up to 4 stripes to note the students’ progress between belts. In the Fenix Academy we mostly award belts 2x at a Fenix Sparring Event.

Where is the Academy located?

– Our Location (hotlink).