Welcome to the Akademia Fenix website. We specialize in teaching Brazilian jiu-jitsu in Kraków, Poland. BJJ is a sport, self-defense, a healthy lifestyle and great fun in a friendly environment.  All in one awesome package.


Our experienced and professional instructors.

Train and improve your skills with the best!

Maciej Kozak "SMS"

– Black belt (1st degree) under Vagner “Boca” Guimaraes,

– Multiple-time Polish National Champion in BJJ,

– Ju-jitsu Ne-Waza World Champion,

– Two-times European Champion in Grappling,

– World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship medallist in Abu Dhabi,

– Jagiellonian University graduate (Modern Culture).

Maciej Szczudrawa "Animek"

– Head Coach of our Academy,

– Black belt (1st degree) under Vagner “Boca” Guimaraes,

– Over a decade of experience as a coach of many athletes, including World/European/Polish champions,

– Multiple-time medalist of Polish and European tournaments,

– Crossfit Lvl 1, CF Strongman, CF Gymnastics, bodybuilding and self-defence instructor,

– Jagiellonian University graduate (Biology).

Jan Szczudrawa "Młody Animek"

– Black belt (1st degree) under Vagner “Boca” Guimaraes,

– Over a decade of experience as a coach,

– No-Gi Jiu-jitsu specialist,

– Multiple-time medalist of Polish tournaments,

– Self-defense instructor,

– English language teacher,

– Pedagogical University graduate (English philology and linguistics).


Are you interested in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Kraków?

Check out our classes at Akademia Fenix!

Beginners Gi

Beginners class for people who want to train in the gi (kimono). Here you’ll learn all the basics positions and submissions that we use in BJJ. You’ll improve your coordination skills, become more fit and learn the Brazilian jiu-jitsu approach to fighting. Expect techniques both in the stand up and on the ground with the use of the gi.

Advanced Gi

Class suitable for people with at least one year of experience on the mat. Here you’ll find advanced positions, skillful opponents, and an individual approach to the athletes’ development. Training here will help you progress faster and start earning medals at the Polish bjj scene.


Class separated into two parts:
Drills: practice those techniques that you want. The black belt instructor is there to answer all your questions and help you out. Here is a chance to do more repetitions so the techniques work better during rolls.
Sparrings: spar as much as you like and with different opponents from all our classes. It’s a great opportunity to fight against higher belts or try out new moves against different opponents. Flow drills, light rolls or a proper fight – choose how you roll and what is your goal.

Beginners No-Gi

Beginners class for people starting their bjj journey without the gi (kimono). Learn the basic skills needed to fight, such as proper control, positions and submissions without the use of the gi. You’ll improve your coordination skills and get into shape. You’ll learn modern jiu-jitsu with the addition of wrestling moves.

Advanced No-Gi

Class suitable for people with at least one year of experience on the mat. Here you’ll learn more advanced no-gi positions and submissions for different rule sets. This class also feature a larger amount of leg-locks used in BJJ and mixed martial arts (mma).


Class only for competitors with at least 1.5 years of experience. Your coach will help prepare your ‚game’ and you will drill a lot of attacks and positions. Expect a lot of task-training exercises and rolls.

BJJ for kids and teenagers

BJJ for children is self-defense, discipline and good fun!
Children aged 6-12. Let us know if you want to sign up your child.


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